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  • Human Devils: Affects and Spectres of Alterity in Eerie Cities of Georgia

    Tamta Khalvashi, Paul Manning

    Chapter from the book: Frederiksen M. & Harboe Knudsen I. 2021. Modern Folk Devils: Contemporary Constructions of Evil.

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    This chapter focuses on traditional folk devils in the form of goblins and spectres in cities of the Republic of Georgia. The goblins and spectres are traditional figures of local folklore that have not disappeared with modernity but rather re-emerged through new anxieties and moral conditions. Moreover, while devilry is often perceived as humans taking on non-human (or devilish) characteristics, the chapter presents a case where the opposite is actually at stake, namely where non-human entities such as goblins take on human characteristics. In describing this, the authors add a fascination aspect to how folk devilry and panic or anxiety may intertwine.

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    Khalvashi T. & Manning P. 2021. Human Devils: Affects and Spectres of Alterity in Eerie Cities of Georgia. In: Frederiksen M. & Harboe Knudsen I (eds.), Modern Folk Devils. Helsinki: Helsinki University Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.33134/HUP-13-4

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    Published on Dec. 13, 2021


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