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  • Extractivisms

    Markus Kröger, Sophia E. Hagolani-Albov, Barry K. Gills

    Chapter from the book: Krieg C. & Toivanen R. 2021. Situating Sustainability: A Handbook of Contexts and Concepts.


    This chapter discusses the rise of extractivisms in the material resource economy, and as a critical discourse in both activism and academe. Drawing on fieldwork in the Brazilian Amazon, it situates the extractivist turn of the global economy within national and local contexts. Likewise, by analyzing developments in these settings, it offers lessons for transitioning away from economic practices that take more from these ecosystems than they could ever possibly return.

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    Kröger, M et al. 2021. Extractivisms. In: Krieg C. & Toivanen R (eds.), Situating Sustainability. Helsinki: Helsinki University Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.33134/HUP-14-17

    This chapter distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution + Noncommercial 4.0 license. Copyright is retained by the author(s)

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    Published on Nov. 22, 2021


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